Huntress vocalist Jill Janus has offered a track-by-track rundown of the band's new album Static via a series of daily blog posts she dubbed "12 Days of Static." Last week, we reported on the first six song descriptions, and now Janus completed her reflections on all of the songs from the album.

The second half of the disc starts with "Static," the title track for the new album. Janus reveals that "Static" has been around longer than all of the songs on the disc and essentially kicked off the thought process for the new album. She recounts how a gas station stop while on tour inspired the idea for the track, which evolved out of a simple hum.

Other tracks that get a closer look include "Harsh Times on Planet Stoked," "Noble Savage," the grooving Glenn Danzig-inspired "Fire in My Heart," "Black Tongue," infused with the spirit of Jagermeister and the contemplative "Vultures Can Wait." Dig in and get a better feel for what's to come by visiting Huntress "12 Days of Static" campaign. You can keep up via the group's Facebook or official website.

Huntress will release their Static album this Friday, Sept. 25, and you can pre-order the disc via Amazon or iTunes or in a special bundle format at this location. Get a preview of the tracks by checking out trailer above. And look for Huntress taking part in Motorhead's Motorboat Cruise before resuming touring in early 2016. See all their dates here.

Finally, be sure to come back here Friday for the exclusive premiere of the new Huntress video for "Sorrow." The Phil Mucci-directed video is in line to be one of the year's top clips, so be sure to check back in for our premiere.

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