The countdown is on. Huntress will release their third studio album, Static, on Sept. 25 via Napalm Records, but before the disc arrives in stores, singer Jill Janus is making sure that fans are well versed on what they're getting.

Janus has been participating in a "12 Days of Static" campaign in which she details the songs that are on the disc. At this point, she's halfway through the process. The first song discussed was "Sorrow," which the band just shot a video for with director Phil Mucci. The clip will debut right here at Loudwire. The singer reveals that many of the lyrics for the song were written by her when she was a teenager, angsty and obsessed with Dracula.

The vocalist also spoke about their current single "Flesh," sharing the song's working title and revealing how she came to write from the perspective of a female serial killer. She's also revealed the inspiration for the band's song "Brian," the cathartic and deeply personal nature of the song "I Want to Wanna Wake Up" and shared her struggles with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia in the track "Mania." The sixth new song Janus commented on is "Four Blood Moons," in which she delves into the ideas of the Blood Moon Prophecy and how the song will tie in to an upcoming performance.

Be sure to keep up with Janus' revelations via the "12 Days of Static" campaign on the band's website, and you'll typically find a few more details by following the "12 Days of Static" posts on the band's Facebook page as well. Next on the horizon for Huntress is an appearance on Motorhead's Motorboat Cruise beginning Sept. 28.

There's a video featuring audio snippets from the songs that you can listen to above and if you're interested in pre-ordering the disc, check out the band's Pledgemusic page and their Amazon and iTunes pre-orders.

Huntress / Photo by Andrew Stuart / Photo by Andrew Stuart

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