The entertainment world lost an amazing talent recently with the death of actor Bill Paxton. As tributes came in, it became evident that Paxton had fans in the music industry as well as he once had his own band and had a long-running friendship with Suicidal Tendencies' Mike Muir. During a chat with Metal Injection, musician-turned-actor Ice-T shared a story in which Paxton came out to a Body Count show and was later spotted stage diving.

Ice-T had appeared in the 1992 film Trespass with Paxton, and the actor decided to attend one of Body Count's shows in Santa Barbara. As Ice tells it, "I’m at the show, and I’m getting ready to go and they’re like ‘There’s some big white boy out in the back, says he knows you Ice.’ And I’m like ‘Who? Who is he?’ He’s like ‘Bill.’ I’m like ‘I don’t know nobody named Bill.'" "And then my other boy says ‘he looked like the motherf--ker from Weird Science," Ice-T says as he begins to laugh. "So I’m like ‘That’s Bill Paxton! Let him in, he’s a movie star, you kidding me?!.’"

The Body Count vocalist continues, "He came in, and he stood on the side of the stage during our set, and then the Holy Ghost got in him. I don't know what makes people stage dive, but that moment ... yaah! Next thing I know, I see Bill going over the top, going over the pit, and you know he landed safe."

As previously stated, Mike Muir offered a heartfelt tribute to Paxton as well, with the two initially crossing paths during a period in the '70s when both were delivering papers for the L.A. Times. Muir recalled attending punk shows with Paxton, and added, "The special thing about Bill is, I have never heard anyone that knew him, from before his success or during it, that ever had anything but great things to say about him. Truly an amazing person, who literally followed his dream, and never gave up."

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