If you've been following HBO's Vinyl, you know it's a series based on the character of Richie Finestra (Bobby Cannavale), a '70s-era Record Label President struggling to keep his American Century Records afloat. But you also know the series is stacked with some great music. As we head into episode five, there are newly recorded tracks from Iggy Pop and The Arcs that will be featured in tonight's episode.

In the clip above, you'll hear Iggy Pop taking on a song called "I Dig Your Mind." The opening keys are reminiscent of the psychedelic sound of the era and Pop's baritone gives the track a darker, slightly evil feel. In the clip below, The Arcs take on Bobby Parker's 1961 R&B hit "Watch Your Step," staying close to the original sound while giving it their own bluesy rock vibe.

The two songs join Rosco Gordon's "Let's Get High," Alison Mosshart's "My Time's Coming" and Julian Casablancas' "White Light White Heat" as tracks played in the episode.

How did the show line up such talent? It likely doesn't hurt that Mick Jagger, Martin Scorsese and Terence Winter are producers for the series, giving it some serious clout.

Vinyl airs Sunday nights on HBO at 9PM. An 18-track full-length soundtrack for the series was released on Feb. 12, and a second soundtrack will arrive culminating with the season finale on April 17.

The Arcs, "Watch Your Step"

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