The inaugural No Values festival was held on June 8 in Pomona, California and here are five of the biggest things that happened at the event.

The fest was largely centered around punk and alternative with the Misfits and Social Distortion billed at the very top and other big names in Iggy Pop, Turnstile, Bad Religion, Sublime and so many more.

There were many musical highlights, including a big reunion show that also featured some special guests, a fan jumping onstage to join a legend during an iconic song and some really harrowing parking problems, to name just a couple things.

See the recap below.

1. The Dillinger Escape Plan Reunion Show Features Surprise Guests

The Dillinger Escape Plan played their first reunion show in celebration of the 25th anniversary of their debut album, Calculating Infinity.

Not only was it the band's first show back since 2017, it was the first with vocalist Dimitri Minakakis since 2001 and featured some special guest appearances on cover songs. Dead Kennedys' legend Jello Biafra joined in on a cover of "California Uber Alles" while Suicidal Tendencies' Mike Muir got behind the mic for the cover of Minor Threat's "12XU."

Did we mention that "I Love Secret Agents" and "Monticello" were played for the first time since 1998 and '99, respectively?

So, quite the comeback for these architects of chaos! Watch fan-filmed footage and see the full setlist below.

The Dillinger Escape Plan Setlist — No Values Festival

01. "Destro's Secret"
02. "Sandbox Magician"
03. "The Running Board"
04. "The Mullet Burden"
05. "California Über Alles" (Dead Kennedys cover with Jello Biafra, live debut by TDEP)
06. "Sugar Coated Sour"
07. "Proceed With Caution"
08. "I Love Secret Agents" (First time since 1998)
09. "Abe the Cop"
10. "Monticello" (First time since 1999)
11. "12XU (Minor Threat cover with Suicidal Tendencies' Mike Muir, live debut by TDEP)
12. " 43% Burnt"


The Dillinger Escape Plan, "43% Burnt" (No Values Festival)

The Dillinger Escape Plan, "California Uber Alles" With Jello Biafra (No Values Festival)

2. Parking Was a Complete Disaster

Logistics are something every festival must contend with and plan accordingly for.

Parking, unfortunately, created pandemonium in Pomona, California, creating gridlock on the outside of the festival grounds. Local news outlet KTLA5 reported on the mass congestion, noting that "traffic officers assigned to the event are working diligently to get traffic flowing and reduce the congestion."

For fans, it meant enduring hours-long waits to park their cars. On X (formerly Twitter), they expressed their anger and frustration, tagging promoter Goldenvoice as well as the festival.

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3. Sublime Play Some Rarities

Sublime played their eighth set with singer Jakob Nowell, son of late Sublime legend Bradley Nowell. They had been operating as Sublime With Rome, so, as a technicality, notes that seven of these songs were played for the first time since 1996. A fair amount were played regularly as Sublime With Rome, but others such as "Pool Shark" and a cover of Descendents' "Hope" were rarities.

Did you get all that straight?!

Sublime, Full Set at No Values Festival

Sublime Setlist — No Values Festival

01. "Date Rape"
02. ""54-46 - That's My Number" (Toots & The Maytals cover) (First time since 1996)
03. "Ball and Chain" (First time since 1996)
04. "Pool Shark" (First time since 1996)
05. "Right Back" (First time since 1996)
06. "New Thrash" (First time since 1996)
07. "Wrong Way"
08. "We're Only Gonna Die" (Bad Religion cover) (First time since 1996)
09. "Greatest-Hits"
10. "The Ballad of Johnny Butt" (Secret Hate cover)
11. "Jailhouse" (Bob Marley & The Wailers cover)
12. "Hope" (Descendents cover) (first time since 1996)
13. "STP"
14. "Same in the End"
15. "Santeria"


4. Power Trip's First Festival Show With Seth Gilmore

Power Trip are back this year, playing some show with vocalist Seth Gilmore, who is bandmates with guitarist Blake Ibanez in the band Fugitive.

They played their first full show with Gilmore two days prior to the festival in the surrounding area, serving as a warmup for the big stage.

The Texas thrashers played a nine-song set and, simply, it feels so incredible to have Power Trip back in action, crushing any and all stages.

5. Iggy Pop Brings Fan Onstage for "Lust for Life"

Stage crashing these days is a dangerous game and, in most cases, is ill-advised, especially at a large festival.

But punk pioneer Iggy Pop knows exactly how to handle this type of thing. Rather than security rushing out to pounce on the fan, this one left without any bruises as a result of his actions. Iggy stood there and engaged the fan as he sang the legendary "Lust for Life."

This fan got really lucky.

Iggy also played "1970" by The Stooges for the first time as a solo artist since 1989.

Iggy Pop, "Lust for Life" at No Values Festival — Fan Joins Onstage

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