"We're all on the same page, all looking in the same direction. One unified voice and mindset — we're all working together."

Bud Gaugh, founding drummer for Sublime, caught up with Chuck Armstrong on Friday's Loudwire Nights (May 24) as he celebrated the current state of the band.

"I wasn't planning on this," Gaugh admitted as he reflected on Sublime's history, the loss of frontman Bradley Nowell and the recent release "Feel Like That," a song from 1996 that features original vocals from Nowell and fresh vocals from his son, Jakob.

"[Jakob] really has some of his dad's mannerisms...watching him grow and seeing where he's at now is just amazing in itself. Being able to jam with him and do this and have him be a part of it, it's all coming back around family style."

Digging Into Sublime's Vaults + Looking Ahead

As Gaugh discussed "Feel Like That" — a song that the band recorded but never released — he admitted there are a lot of tapes in the band's vault that feature more music most people haven't heard.

"I think we're going to go and dive back into some of those old reels and see what's there," he revealed. "Maybe we can bring some of these unfinished songs back to life. But right now, we're focusing on what we have in front of us."

And as Gaugh put it, it sounds like there is plenty in front of Sublime, including several concerts.

"Sublime was always a live performing act, you know? We had a lot of creativity onstage, getting to the point where we can be improvisational and just jam out on stage — when we can get long enough time."

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He admitted that as the current iteration of Sublime takes the stage and jams and gets creative, he thinks they might start writing new music.

"The creative juices will start flowing for writing some brand-new material," Gaugh said.

"We're just taking our time, just jamming out. The first two big shows were huge, you know, [Coachella and the Brightside Festival]...I can only imagine by the end of the year where we're going to be at — it's really, really exciting. By the end of the year, we'll have a better idea of where we're going, but we're just moving forward."

What Else Did Sublime's Bud Gaugh Discuss on Loudwire Nights?

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  • What it's like for his family to experience the "return" of Sublime

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