In Flames singer Anders Friden revealed that he might not be fronting a metal band if different circumstances unfolded in his life.

When Loudwire caught up with Friden and asked him what profession he might go into if he did not pursue life as a musician, he responded, "I wanted to become an architect so that’s what I went to school for before metal music stole me away from education and normal life. [Laughs] I don’t regret that decision at all.”

He elaborates, “It was around '96 or '97 when things started moving forward for In Flames and we got an international record label with us and then I said, 'Okay, I’ll give this another year' because it was really tough trying to go home on tours, having a job. Nobody would hire you because you’re leaving and I was leaving often, it was close. Not much in my fridge at that time and living in a s--ty apartment.”

Friden happily concludes, “So I said, 'Let’s do it another year and then you better check yourself' and I’m so happy I did.”

In Flames fans are overjoyed that his life took the course it did, as well.

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