Did In Flames get hacked? It certainly appeared so earlier this week when their website was taken over by a mysterious figure going by the moniker lOLzcH4Rm1nG. But it turns out that was just a smokescreen for what was to come.

The band's site was taken over with the message, "HaXxED much?? Inflames, SERIOUSLY!! You have
been tRolLiNg us 4 WAYAAH 2 long. As a result, you now got your site taken over. ok???" The hacker also promised something big would happen on the site today (April 11), and now the news has been delivered.

A newly added link to the message guides the viewer to a separate page where a trailer for the next In Flames album is unveiled. The clip is sparse in visuals, simply pointing to the fact that a new album titled 'Siren Charms' will be coming in September. However, there is some audio to the trailer, which finds the Swedish metallers first delivering some melodic tones before ripping into a thunderous heaviness and fading out. Check it out at this location.

In Flames began recording their eleventh studio album back in August 2013. Their last album was 2011's 'Sounds of a Playground Fading.'