At long last, Iron Maiden finally have their very own edition of the classic board game Monopoly.

Everyone's favorite game about the brutal reality of capitalism through its late-stage phase where one winner ultimately bankrupts all other participants has been given an overhaul to accommodate Maiden lore, branded "Monopoly: Iron Maiden Somewhere on Tour."

As the title indicates, the game takes on the concept of its players touring the world with rebranded elements of the game itself to better model life on the road, such as houses and hotels being replaced by arenas and stadiums while merch and beer stands are in place where utility spaces used to be.

"Experience the highs and lows of touring life with an epic Maiden-ized board, player tokens and cards. All the fun of being on the road, with none of the jetlag," reads part of Iron Maiden's social media post relaying the news.

What's Different From the Standard Monopoly Game

Property Names:

The standard properties up for purchase have all been renamed after albums (studio, live, compilations) that Iron Maiden have released, laid out in chronological order as you move along the game board.

Houses + Hotels:

Houses are now called arenas and hotels have been rebranded as stadiums.


Why take the train when you can take Iron Maiden's Ed Force One airplane?


So long electricity and water and hello merch and Trooper beer stands!

Taxes + Fees:

As residents of the U.S., we find it ironic that the Brits have done away with taxes (that whole Boston Tea Party incident), but we support it nonetheless. Now, players are looking at recording fees and fees to land Ed Force One.

Game Tokens:

Nope, no thimbles or dogs anymore. The six player tokens are now an amplifier cabinet, Bruce Dickinson's pilot's helmet, Nicko McBrain's drum kit, Steve Harris' bass, that pesky albatross from "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" and the digital display console as pictured in the single artwork for "Wasted Years."

Surprisingly, there's no Eddie token.

Community + Chance Cards:

These have been rebranded as "Open the Box" and "Feeling Lucky?" cards.


Eddie as pictured on the "Stratego" single art (off the band's latest album, Senjutsu) graces the multi-colored game currency dubbed Eddie Bucks.

Where to Buy the Iron Maiden Version of Monopoly

Head here for purchasing information.

Iron Maiden also noted that if the game is not available in your location, you can expect it to be available in time for Christmas.

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