In a recent interview with James Durbin, Noisecreep reported that the singer had a dangerously good time filming the video for his single ‘Love Me Bad.’

"We shot the video for 'Love Me Bad' in dry lake bed out in the desert of Barstow, Calif. We were, like, 90 minutes away from Las Vegas and it was a day full of rock 'n' roll debauchery. I accidentally blew up a 1971 Dodge Charger by driving it too hard! The hood was on fire and there was smoke everywhere. I just remember the fire department guys we had on set running towards me screaming, "Get the f--- out!" It was insane," Durbin said.

Durbin went on to say, "Yeah, we had to finish the rest of the video with the car on a flatbed truck being pulled on a Uhaul. We actually lit up a lot of things on fire during the shoot. I even got some gasoline on myself at one point. At the end of the video I drop a torch and destroy the whole set. Just wait till you see this dude – it is full-on heavy metal!”

‘Love Me Bad’ will allow fans to see his solo band, and Durbin is pumped to show off his crew. "I'm really excited about the guys I have playing with me. My lead guitarist, Dylan, also plays in a metal band called Archer who you might know from them opening for bands like Black Label Society. Our bassist, Tyle, played in a glam band called Dirty Penny. Our rhythm guitarist Blake Bunzel and drummer Jeff Fabb left the band In This Moment and are now doing this with me full time."

The frontman also revealed that he got a text from Motley Crue guitarist Mick Mars, who appeared on Durbin’s album ‘Memories of a Beautiful Disaster.’

"He told me that the place we were filming was the exact spot where they had filmed their 'Dr. Feelgood' video," he explained. "It was a full circle for me since Mick plays guitar on my album. I feel blessed for this life."

‘Memories of a Beautiful Disaster’ is due out on Nov. 21 via Wind-Up Records.