With a new Metallica album looming on the horizon, the thrash titans are serving up a taste of the old for their fans with remastered editions of their first two records, Kill 'Em All and Ride the Lightning. Each deluxe edition box set contains a wealth of goodies not limited to just a remaster and a couple bonus tracks. Included in the sets are four vinyl records, CDs, posters, hardcover books with notes, never before seen photos and more. James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich have unboxed each record, revealing exactly what's inside!

In the video above, the frontman cracks open the debut Metallica record, Kill 'Em All. Upon lifting the lid, the first thing seen is the classic album cover with a "Jump in the Fire" picture disc behind it and underneath is a live recording from Paris, France in 1984. The hardcover book is filled with photos of the band, show flyers, calendar schedules and pages and pages of notes. CD editions of both the studio effort, rough mixes of the album, another live disc from a Halloween 1983 performance in Palo Alto, Calif., a disc of radio interviews and another two live albums round out the rest of the set along with a Metallica patch featuring the signature red band logo.

Below, drummer Lars Ulrich does the same for Ride the Lightning, opening the lid to show the famous monochromatic album cover for the vinyl remaster, a "Creeping Death" picture disc, a live performance from a Hollywood gig, a hardcover book similar to the one seen in the Kill 'Em All unboxing video, a full size poster replicated a flyer where Metallica opened for purveyors of black metal Venom, another two showing the band headlining over NWOBHM act Tank.

Moving onto the CDs, included in the Ride the Lightning remaster is one disc full of interviews, demos and rough mixes from Lars' vault, live recordings from San Francisco, Calif. and London shows, another live album from a 1985 performance at Castle Donnington and, yes, one more from the Metal Hammer Festival. The final piece is a small notebook of handwritten lyrics, making for one staggering box set.

Both box sets will be released on Friday, April 15 and can be pre-ordered here and the following day will see the special Record Store Day 2016 release of Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité, Metallica! - Live at Le Bataclan - Paris, France - June 11th, 2003. Metallica will serve as Record Store Day ambassadors for the second time since the commemorative day began in 2008.

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