Chicago-based rockers Janus are heading out on the road, and Loudwire is giving away 10 T-shirts to mark the occasion!

Janus are out supporting their latest full-length, ‘Nox Aeris’ album (available at iTunes). The title is Latin for “night air,” and comes from a period in the 14th century when the plague was killing off the European population and people believed going outdoors at night would make them susceptible to the disease.

That’s pretty deep, and the Janus gents would have it no other way.

“We try to write music that we think is interesting and, conceptually, we like to put as much thought into what we’re saying with the artwork and the titles and the themes in our records, the same way we do our music,” Janus frontman David Scotney exclusively told Loudwire. “We want those things to be just as intellectually stimulating for us and our fans as the music itself.

“We like the fact people may have to do some scratching and digging to get their heads wrapped around a concept we’re trying to put out there.”

Enter below for your chance to win one of 10 tees! Also, check out the Janus’ current tour itinerary below.

Janus 2012 Tour Dates:

5/23/2012 -- Nashville, Tenn.
5/24/2012 -- Springfield, Mo.
5/25/2012 -- Pryor, Okla.
5/26/2012 -- Kearney, Neb.
5/29/2012 -- Billings, Mont.*
5/30/2012 -- Spokane, Wash.*
6/1/2012 -- Salt Lake City, Utah*
6/2/2012 -- Denver, Colo.*
6/3/2012 -- Colorado Springs, Colo.*
7/13/2012 -- Lansing, Mich.
7/14/2012 -- Kearney, Neb.

* With Pop Evil


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