After a hard-fought battle between Foxy Shazam and former Hollywood Undead vocalist Deuce, Foxy Shazam pulled out their fifth consecutive Cage Match win - earning 'I Like It' a spot in our Cage Match Hall of Fame.

With Foxy Shazam celebrating their victory, this leaves us two open spots to fill for today's Cage Match. Two fresh acts are set to enter the Cage Match with the goal of joining Foxy Shazam and others in the Hall of Fame.

Chicago alt rock band Janus have recently been making their presence known on active rock radio with the track 'Stains.' The song is the first single from their upcoming 2012 full-length album 'Nox Aeris.'

Facing Janus in today's Cage Match will be fellow American hard rock band Soulicit. The group enters with the track 'Hell Yeah' from their 2011 release, 'Parking Lot Rockstar.'

Who will come out with the victory in this week's Cage Match? Vote for your favorite track in the poll below:

Listen to Janus, 'Stains'
Listen to Soulicit, 'Hell Yeah'


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Rules of Cage Match:

There are no rules … except this one: If a song remains the reigning champ for five straight cage matches, it is retired to the Loudwire Cage Match Hall of Fame. With so many great songs out there, we have to give other bands a chance!

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