Fresh off their lead single 'Hell Yeah,' Soulicit are back with a video for their song 'Complicated,' and you can watch the exclusive premiere right here at Loudwire. Where their lead single was a straight-up rocker, this new song gets to show some range with a more soulful and emotional side to the sound.

The track cuts to the bone of a relationship in trouble, with lyrics like, "She said I was leaving / Said I was a rolling stone / The feel-good side of cheating / Left me all alone" telling a sad, sad tale.

Singer Darick Parson tells Loudwire, "Sitting in the airport in Orlando after leaving the studio I listened to all our new tracks still very raw. I remember when I heard 'Complicated' even in its infancy I knew this song was something special. I always felt it throughout the writing process but hearing it slowly come to life I just knew that it was a song that would really connect with a huge amount of people. It is probably my favorite song on the new album."

Speaking of the clip, it centers on a couple going through a tumultuous fight while sitting in the front of a truck, with the woman eventually leaving near tears while her man is equally frustrated pounding on the steering wheel and driving around town all night trying to think things through. During his time alone, he's able to remember some of the good and the bad before eventually finding his way back home to his awaiting family.

Parson says of the clip, "Making the video was the last step in really bringing the song to life and give it its wings. Not only did we have this amazing recording of the song but we now had the chance to visually show everyone the story. Nick and his crew at Prestigious Films did an amazing job of helping us tell this story through film and we were all extremely proud of the video. It's hard not to shed a tear or two while watching it. The subject matter is real and once again something a lot of people can connect with."

The group is currently catching a breath in between tours, but will be back out on the road beginning Sept. 22 to support their Brett Hestla-produced album, 'Parking Lot Rockstar,' which is available at iTunes.