We've got new music from Jasta for you, but don't get too close or you might get burned. The Hatebreed frontman's self-titled band just released a new video for the song "The Same Flame" that can be seen above.

As viewed in the player provided, Jasta and his bandmates are drawn to the flame, delivering what is essentially a performance clip while continually surrounded by fire. It's a fitting effect, as the hard-hitting track speaks about never getting burned by the same flame twice.

"I’m really excited to launch the video for the Jasta track, ‘The Same Flame,’ directed by my friend Paul McGuire," said Jasta of the clip. "Those who listen to my podcast know I’ve been talking about doing a project completely DIY style with Jasta for months and this video, along with two others, are the outcome of that ... in addition to a nine song album that was partially fan funded! Not only did I get to work on every aspect of the recording, packaging and producing the album, but I got to help direct and scout locations. Now we have a cool visual to go along with one of my favorite songs off the Jasta album."

Jasta says that while he's been touring with Hatebreed, he did manage to find some time to shoot three Jasta videos with McGuire, with "The Same Flame" being the new one to arrive. Though Hatebreed has been filling his time, the singer will switch gears to Jasta for a short tour. Dates for the run can be seen here.

Meanwhile, Jasta's The Lost Chapters album, which features "The Same Flame," can be purchased here.

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