While trying to fix his pool amid wintry weather, it all went hilariously wrong for country rockers Jelly Roll. And it was captured on video.

Last week, Nashville was under a layer of snow and ice that crippled the capitol of country music. The area doesn't get too much snow, so people, country artists included, aren't at all prepared for winter weather.

This stands tenfold for Jelly Roll, whose wife, Bunnie Xo, posted a hilarious video of him attempting to defrost his own pool. Jelly Roll is for sure ill-prepared, wearing a short sleeve shirt and some sneakers and carrying a broom.

The video posted to Facebook is captioned, "I spy a Jelly Roll in the wild." The video starts out with Bunnie saying, "Hey baby, what are you doing, some grown man shit?"

Jelly Roll turns around with a smile on his face and replies, "Listen man, I gotta fucking protect our pool." As Jelly walks outside to a frozen, snow-covered pool deck, he says, "I think I'm gonna end up eating sh-t and falling into the pool."

Jelly Roll's wife replies, "And that is why I'm recording."

Bunnie Xo then offers Jelly some words of encouragement: "You got this, you big strong, handsome hunk of man meat."

As Jelly Roll gets to the frozen waterfall in his pool, he realizes that he brought a gun to a knife fight. His broom is for sure not long enough, or the right tool for the job. Jelly Roll said, "I've assessed the situation, and I'm smart enough to know that's only trouble for me, dude."

Jelly Roll then turns his attention to trying to possibly walk on his frozen pool. Bunnie Xo encourages him, "Stand on it." Jelly Roll says, "I probably could."

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Jelly Roll takes a look up at the camera with a big smile and says, "This could go bad in so many ways." He then proceeds to put both feet on the frozen pool top. His wife could not believe what she was seeing.

Jelly Roll briefly stood there and then got back on solid ground, proclaiming, "That's a lotta man standing on that ice." He then decided to press his luck once again, finding another frozen solid part of the pool to stand on, even jumping up and down at one point.

The crew finally decide to go back inside and reassess the situation and get some better tools for the job. The video had amassed over 9 million views as of Tuesday (Jan. 23) and has been liked by hundreds of thousands.

Jelly Roll won't be at home for long, as his tour starts heating up in the beginning of March.

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