Jelly Roll has done so much in the past two years, from selling out arenas and winning awards, to every philanthropic thing under the sun that he could possibly have time for.

Now, Jelly Roll has something new on his plate in 2024 that he wants everyone to know about. He recently appeared on the Full Send podcast, where his mouth wrote a check that his actions now have to cash.

Jelly Roll turned to Instagram to double down on his promise to himself, Bert Kreischer, Tom Segura and Full Send host Kyle Forgeard. He promised that by May of 2024, he will participate in a 5K race.

The video starts out with Jelly Roll mid-stride and breathing heavily, taking a moment from his training to let us all know that he was in for the 5K by May challenge.

"This message is for Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura," Jelly Roll says. "I was on the Full Send podcast this week, and Kyle from the Nelk Boys convinced me that I could make it to the 5K by May, if I dedicated myself to it."

The "Save Me" singer continues, "I believe it, I believe in myself. I'll be there baby, I'll be baby, I'll be in the woods walking every morning. 5K by May, baby, 5K by May!"

The video has tons of positive comments from Jelly Roll followers around the world. Even fellow country artists chimed in, with Dan Smyers from Dan + Shay writing, "Get it brother!"

Another fan writes, "Oh this is amazing! Keep going and lose that weight Jelly! We believe in you dude! Congrats on getting the strength to start exercising!"

One thing is clear: Anything that Jelly Roll puts his mind to, he seems to accomplish soon thereafter. There's no doubt that he will make good on his promise to his friends, fans and himself that he will do a 5K by May.

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