Jelly Roll has been dominating 2024 and will embark on a lengthy tour late this summer. So, what does he need backstage at every show?

What Jelly Roll Requires Backstage at Every Show

Jelly Roll recently joined Loudwire's sister site and its affiliated radio show Taste of Country Nights for a wide-ranging interview. He was asked what it takes to get him in the perfect mental headspace backstage before he goes on stage to perform in front of thousands.

Jelly Roll said, "Always new socks, big deal in my life. Waters, these waters, my wife has turned me on to rich people water. I feel so guilty drinking it and I don't know if it's different or not, but everybody says it is, and I'm a believer now. So, we get these rich people glass waters."

The "Son of a Sinner" singer took a pause to gather his thoughts, then came back with some more.

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"I tell ya the most frivolous thing I'm taking on tour, if that's what you're searching for here. I'm taking a sauna and cold-plunge on tour. It's like a small two-seater, it's like really small but it's something I'm just too anchored into not to take it."

The next question just had to be asked: Does Jelly Roll go full-naked in the sauna that he takes on tour?

He gave a big laugh before answering. "No, goodness gracious, we're not just free-balling in the sauna. I sit with other people," he revealed.

See the moment beginning at 9:34 in the video below:

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