Jelly Roll without his iconic face tattoos? What about clean shaven?

The quickly skyrocketing country rock superstar has a look that's hard to match. Between the tattoos, jewelry and beard, he is hard to confuse with anyone else. But what if that all was stripped away?

That is exactly what YouTuber @LowCostEdit set out to accomplish, and it's for sure a completely different look for Jelly Roll.

For those who want just the goods...

PHOTO: Jelly Roll Without Face Tattoos and Beard

Jelly Roll edit with no beard or tattoos
YouTube - @LowCostEdit

Jelly Roll with no beard

Honestly, he looks pretty good. He certainly gives off a bit of an old-school vibe and has a bit of the Elvis look with the shorter hair. No word on whether or not his wife, Bunnie Xo, would prefer the baby-face Jelly or keep the one we all know and love.

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Jelly Roll is fresh off his win at the ACM's for Musical Event of the Year with his song "Save Me." That song, of course, was of a very personal nature to the artist, and he touched on that in his extremely emotional acceptance speech.

His 'The Beautifully Broken' Tour continues later on this month in Panama City, Florida and continues into late November.

20 Songs Jelly Roll Plays The Most During His Shows

Jelly Roll has been a touring machine in recent years. He is following up a busy 2023 with a another huge tour in 2024.

We recently went through all of the setlists from his shows using to determine the songs you'll mostly likely hear if you get tickets to a Jelly Roll show. Here is a look at his most played songs.

(NOTE: Song stats are through March 26, 2024)

Gallery Credit: Rob Carroll

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