Somehow, one of the biggest rock stories of 2018 was the saga of Jered Threatin. Months after Threatin created a fake fanbase to promote a European tour that nobody attended, Jered is looking for a new guitarist to join the crew.

The Tommy Wiseau of rock and roll booked his two-week ‘Breaking the World’ tour for November 2018, defrauding promoters by claiming hundreds of tickets had been pre-sold. Venue employees and supporting acts began speaking out, creating a whirlwind of fascination around the self-indulgent Threatin and accidentally making him famous.

After claiming it was all an elaborate hoax to give the music industry its perfect villain, Threatin stayed quiet for the first few months of 2019, but now he’s looking to break the world once again.

Threatin posted to Facebook on May 7 hoping to find a touring guitarist: “Who wants to go to London? Threatin is seeking another guitarist for his upcoming tour to the United Kingdom this November. Criteria for auditioning musicians below.”

No word on if Threatin has found his mark just yet, but one dude dropped a link of himself playing solos from Threatin’s vast body of work:

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