Comedian / metal singer Jim Breuer dropped by our studio to discuss his debut metal album, Songs From the Garage. He got into the subjects of the songs, gave us a load of hilarious impersonations of some of our favorite rockers and told us if he would let his daughters date a metalhead.

Songs From the Garage features 11 hard-rocking tracks bursting with anecdotes from Breuer's personal life. With a busy schedule and a family at home, it can be difficult to unwind, which is why when he's left alone in the house, he turns it up and starts to "Thrash." Breuer discusses the music video, where he not only impersonates Ozzy Osbourne, but Sharon Osbourne, as well.

As for the song "Be a Dick 2Nite," he revealed some plans for taking these songs to the stage, mixing it in with his comedy routine. If you've got plans to see Breuer, you might want to pay attention and see how you can pull one over on your friends.

Another track off the album is "Raising Teenage Girls," and, given the teddy bear-like nature that is true for so many metalheads, we asked if he would be ok if one of his daughters dated a metalhead. Breuer provided his outlook on the metal community, acknowledging how he's begun to interact with more aggressive metal musicians like extreme metal singers and how their exterior couldn't be further from what's inside their hearts.

Of course, the biggest aspect of releasing an album is finding a record label to put it out. Songs From the Garage was released on Metal Blade and we asked Breuer about how this partnership came about. He tells the story about meeting Metal Blade founder and CEO Brian Slagel and how he even got him to turn around on the highway to listen to the music. Wayne's World anyone?

Check out our interview with Jim Breuer above and get ready to laugh! Pick up Songs From the Garage here.

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