For hard rock and metal aficionados, you'll have a lot of fun watching and listening to the new video for Jim Breuer and the Loud & Rowdy's "Old School." In the clip, Breuer name drops some of his favorite metal songs and references and also does his best impersonations of some of hard rock and metal's biggest personalities.

The clip centers on Breuer and his band practicing in the garage, taking it to a club and eventually major concert stages as they find inspiration in some of hard rock and metal's iconic music. Watch as Breuer channels Ozzy Osbourne, Brian Johnson, Rob Halford, Kurt Cobain, Dee Snider and many others, while also name dropping songs from the Scorpions, Iron Maiden, AC/DC and many more. See how many you can pick out.

"Do you like RIFF driven, catchy hard rock music tunes that will get you out of your chair? Then the song 'Old School' is for you," stated Breuer to Noisey, who premiered the video. "This is my church, this is my temple, this is my therapy," adds Breuer in the song itself.

The track is featured on Breuer's Songs From the Garage album, which is out now. If you're interested in picking it up, it's available here. Breuer and his band the Loud & Rowdy are touring in support of the disc, with Breuer also offering some of his comedy. See his current dates here.

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