Strap in! It's time to rock and Joel Hoekstra's 13 are here to provide you with an adrenaline-filled jolt courtesy of their new song "Say Goodbye to the Sun."

Hoekstra is probably best known for his work in Whitesnake, Night Ranger and Trans Siberian Orchestra, but for his latest album, Dying to Live, he steps out for a solo set featuring some well-known special guests. In the case of "Say Goodbye to the Sun," his full band is filled with name players in the hard rock and metal genre.

"Say Goodbye to the Sun represents the heavier side of Dying to Live. It's the monstrous voice inside us all that tells us to abandon hope," Hoekstra tells Loudwire. "Vinny Appice (drums) and Tony Franklin (bass) provide thunderous support to the guitar riffs while Derek Sherinian (keys) adds tasteful playing throughout. Russell Allen (lead vocals) just flat out rips this one to shreds, while Jeff Scott Soto adds the killer backing vocals. I'm honored to have these guys bring this song to life for me … I hope you dig it!"

"Say Goodbye to the Sun" is featured on the Joel Hoekstra's 13 album Dying to Live, which is due in stores a week from today (Oct. 16). You can pre-order the album via Amazon and iTunes, as well as via the band's Frontiers website.


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