Joey Ramone may have passed away 11 years ago, but new music from the legendary Ramones frontman is soon to be released. The new album '…Ya Know?' contains previously unheard songs from Joey Ramone, recorded sporadically throughout the last 15 years of his life.

'What Did I Do to Deserve You' is one of the first tracks from '...Ya Know?' to be released to the public, with 'Rock 'N Roll is the Answer' and 'There's Got to Be More to Life' having been released on 7" vinyl for this year's Record Store Day.

Joey Ramone's voice has an unmistakable quality that possesses a power to immediately connect with the listener. The singer's warmth in his crooning mixed with the unique way he bends the lyrics of his songs are just two of the reasons that Joey is renowned as one of rock's most beloved vocalists. Listening to 'What Did I Do to Deserve You' is like opening a time capsule and finding a lost Ramones track from the early '80s. The song feels like it could have fit perfectly into the tracklisting for 'End of the Century' or 'Pleasant Dreams.'

This once-lost Joey Ramone offering will bring a smile from ear to ear to any fan of the singer after listening to the song's '50s pop element that inspired Joey so greatly, mixed with only a few lines of lyrical content -- another trademark of Joey Ramone's long career. 'What Did I Do to Deserve You' is Joey Ramone in his purest form, and if your heart of hearts is connected to the punk rock crooner, this song is essential listening.

'...Ya Know' is set for release on May 22, three days after what would have been Joey's 61st birthday.

Listen to Joey Ramone, 'What Did I Do to Deserve You'

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