Welcome to another episode of Epic Rock Tales! In this animated recollection, Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein shares a story of nearly breaking up a fight between Ramones legends Joey Ramone and Marky Ramone at a New York City venue.

Doyle told us this story during his visit to our studio back in 2014. Before a gig at NYC’s now-closed Roseland Ballroom, Doyle was hanging out in a dressing room with Marky Ramone and Daniel Rey, who produced the two Michale Graves Misfits records. Unbeknownst to Marky, former bandmate Joey Ramone was on his way to hang out at Roseland, which led to an uncomfortable situation.

When Joey walked in an saw Marky, he suddenly adopted a demeanor which Doyle compares to Boris Karloff’s iconic depiction of Frankenstein’s monster. A heated stare-down between Marky and Joey took place, and Doyle was absolutely certain he’d be forced to take down two of his childhood heroes to keep them from killing each other.

As Doyle prepared himself for battle, Daniel Rey became the unlikely diffuser and cooled the situation off with a single sentence. Lucky for Joey and Marky, because the hulking Doyle was ready to “choke them both.” We met up with Marky Ramone soon after Doyle’s visit and the longtime Ramones drummer confirmed Doyle’s story as fact.

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