It may be one of their most successful albums, but Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme reveals he initially felt doing the ...Like Clockwork album was "a mistake."

It's an interesting admission from the Queens of the Stone Age frontman, who within the same thought process also told host Dean Delray on the Let There Be Talk podcast that he also feels the album best represents who he is.

What Josh Homme Thought of Queens of the Stone Age's ...Like Clockwork

In the midst of their discussion of favorite works from the band, Homme spoke of ...Like Clockwork being his favorite of the band's albums.

While admitting it was "so dark," the musician stated, "It's the one that I think most accurately represents us and myself. I'm like that [album]. That's what I'm like is that record."

That said, Homme recalls wondering if his dive into darker territory meant that a regression was coming in their career.

"I remember saying to the guys that I was so convinced that it was a mistake. It wasn't going to change anything, that I just want to say before it comes out I'm really sorry and if we end up having to just headline the Troubadour again you won't see me anymore. So I kind of apologized to the band," he recalled.

"It was like, 'Hi my name is Josh. This is not gonna go well.' I just felt that I was adamant that it would be the end, but it was the exact opposite of that."

What Was the Reception for Queens of the Stone Age's ...Like Clockwork?

...Like Clockwork arrived after the longest break in the band's history. The album was released in 2013, following the 2007 effort Era Vulgaris.

It hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 Album Chart, yielding the songs "My God Is the Sun," "I Sat By the Ocean" and "Smooth Sailing" among others. That was their first and only chart-topping album on the Billboard 200.

It's been one of the band's most critically praised albums, even topping Loudwire's Best Rock Albums of the Year for 2013.

In addition, Queens of the Stone Age earned three Grammy nominations from the record, including Best Rock Album, Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical and Best Rock Performance ("My God Is the Sun").

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The Rule of 3

Within the chat with Delray, Homme also revealed another way in which he views the album.

"I like to work in three record cycles. And I think Lullabies and Era were trying to find the next cycle to start. So like kicking the can around and seeing what comes out of it," admitted the singer. "But it felt like In Times New Roman and Villains come with Like Clockwork, like a whole."

If the "Rule of 3" were to hold true, the band's self-titled debut album, Rated R and Songs for the Deaf would be lumped together. Admittedly, as Homme just revealed, Lullabies to Paralyze and Era Vulgaris were attempts at starting a new cycle, but ...Like Clockwork truly kicked off the next grouping.

That would seemingly kick off a new cycle for Queens of the Stone Age with whatever follows In Times New Roman.

Where You Can See Queens of the Stone Age

The Grammy-nominated rockers are back on the road this month in Japan, Australia and kicking off next month in New Zealand. A Canadian tour follows in April with more U.S. dates in May, so be sure to pick up your Queens of the Stone Age concert ticktets.

Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme Guests on the Let There Be Talk Podcast With Dean Delray

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