Josh Todd & The Conflict have signed a worldwide deal with Century Media Records and have announced that this fall will see the release their debut album titled Year of the Tiger. The band will also be performing at next month's KISW's Pain in the Grass Festival in Auburn, Wash. along with Korn, Stone Sour and Fozzy among others.

Led by Buckcherry frontman Josh Todd, the group is rounded out by his Buckcherry bandmate Stevie D on guitar, Sean Winchester on drums and bassist Greg Cash.

"It was time for me to make a record. It has been two years since I put out new music and that’s a long time for me," Todd says in a statement. "I am a student of the game and this was an opportunity to not just make a traditional sounding rock record like I have been doing in the past. The Conflict stuff is heavy, melodic and honest, with a lot of risk taking and these are the records that bring out the best in me."

Buckcherry spent the latter part of last year celebrating the 10th anniversary of their album 15, and last month played the Rock Into Spring Festival. This year has been fairly light in terms of schedule, with the group set for the Bud Light River City Rockfest in San Antonio, Texas May 27. That left time for Todd and Stevie D. to devote to The Conflict.

"Stevie D and I wrote all the songs and it was a long time coming," Todd says. "He also co-produced the record with Eric Kretz (Stone Temple Pilots) and we had a lot of fun doing it. After working with Stevie beating a lot of songs into shape we started understanding our songwriting language. Stevie is a well-rounded musician and we are in the zone on this one. Both of us are in the same boat in every aspect of our lives and have been friends since I was 19. This record is a divine intervention with a lot more to come."

Last night, Stevie D posted a brief video, which can be viewed below, of The Conflict in the studio with Kretz working on Year of the Tiger.

"The record is called Year of the Tiger and we are coming to every nook and cranny of the world to pulverize and mesmerize, put it on turn it up and go kick some ass!" Todd says. "These guys are great people and amazing players and it comes off live in a BIG way. You don’t want to miss it.”

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