Richie Faulkner is not a household metal name yet, but he is the guitarist who stepped into replace K.K. Downing in Judas Priest. Those are massive boots to fill, but Faulkner, who also played with Lauren Harris, the daughter of Iron Maiden bassist Steve, is taking it all in stride. With this sort of pedigree, Richie Faulkner is a name that will become even more familiar to headbangers.

spoke to Faulkner about what his first practice sessions with his new band was like, as well as his relationship with Harris and he shared his first-hand experiences with some of British metal's biggest names.

Faulkner labeled the initial rehearsals as "amazing" since he was already a Priest fan. He said, "Before I got the phone call I was a big fan of Priest, and to actually get in a rehearsal room and play with the guys was just a dream come true. It was a great honor just to be recommended for the gig, and then just to get the gig and go to rehearsals with guys that I've looked up to my whole life really was a great honor."

Faulkner worked with the instrument players for the first week and then Metal God Rob Halford came down to complete things. He said, "It was amazing to watch these guys and see what they're doing close up, and to watch Rob. Rob's phenomenal. It was an amazing experience to play with the band."

He also revealed that Harris, also a metal legend, is a down to earth. Faulker crossed paths with Harris when working with his daughter and got to know him through that association. Faulkner said, "He's a great guy, he's a good friend and he's a great mentor as well." He said that Harris was quick to dispense musical tips, too,  saying, "You can go and ask him for advice, and about anything you're not sure about. I've been in the studio with him a couple of times, and it's great to bounce ideas off of him and it's great to write stuff with him. Me and Lauren were writing a few things a few years ago, and he would come in and add what he thinks."

Talk about just another day at the office. Oh, Steve Harris came in and we bounced ideas around the studio. Some people, like Richie Faulkner, lead charmed lives!