First, they perform on 'American Idol' and now Judas Priest follow up that prime time performance with a spot on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.' The band performed 'Breaking the Law' on the show last night, but they returned to the stage for a second song, 'You've Got Another Thing Comin',' which was a web exclusive performance. You can watch it below and take in all that Priest has to offer.

The group absolutely tore through 'You've Got Another Thing Comin'.' There was plenty of leather – in both black and red hues- courtesy of the Metal God Rob Halford and co. The crowd was feeling it, too, headbanging the night away in the background. Priest tend to bring that out of you. It was also a chance for fans to see Priest performing without longtime guitarist K.K. Downing, which we admit takes some getting used to. His replacement Richie Faulker is situated to Halford's right and your left.

Even more importantly, the members of Priest are in their 60s and could be our dads. but man. Despite the fact that the individual members are getting up there in age, they still put most bands in their 20s to shame.

Heavy metal on late night TV made it feel like the '80s all over again and in the best possible way. Once again, huge kudos to the music booking staff at Fallon's namesake show for realizing and recognizing the power of heavy metal.

Horns up! Long live Priest. Long live metal.

Watch Judas Priest Perform 'You Got Another Thing Comin'' on 'Jimmy Fallon'