You may have access to lots of different fonts these days, but safe to say that you don't have anything nearly as cool as Judas Priest's logo font. And while the band haven't made  that available for general use, you can still get your name rendered to look like the legendary metal band's logo.

Judas Priest have launched a new name generator that allows you to put whatever wording you choose to generate the striking font and backdrop of the band's current Firepower release. Or, as they describe it on the site, "FORGE YOUR NAME IN STEEL." Even better, you can listen to "Lightning Strike" as you create your own logo. Test it out here.

This isn't a totally new idea: Metallica provided their own logo generator (see it here). Here's hoping that other metal bands follow suit:  we'd love to see Iron Maiden, KISS and pretty much any death metal band lend us their fonts to make cool name tags.

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