After debuting the new song 'Redeemer of Souls' earlier this week, Judas Priest have now offered up additional details on their forthcoming album of the same name.

'Redeemer of Souls' will arrive on July 15 via Epic Records and will be available in both standard and deluxe editions. The standard album consists of 13 new songs of epic metal, while the deluxe disc comes with five bonus tracks. "We feel 'Redeemer of Souls' reinforces our passion for what we believe in form the Judas Priest-style heavy metal," states the band in a press release.

This disc is also a special one for the group as it marks the first time they've written with guitarist Richie Faulkner in the fold. He co-wrote on tracks with guitarist Glenn Tipton and frontman Rob Halford.

With track titles like 'Dragonaut,' 'Halls of Valhalla,' 'Sword of Damocles' and 'Metalizer,' there's little doubt this is a Judas Priest album. Check out the full track listing, along with the bonus cuts, and look for Judas Priest's 'Redeemer of Souls' in stores on July 15.

Judas Priest, 'Redeemer of Souls' Track Listing:

1. 'Dragonaut'
2. 'Redeemer of Souls'
3. 'Halls of Valhalla'
4. 'Sword of Damocles'
5. 'March of the Damned'
6. 'Down in Flames'
7. 'Hell & Back'
8. 'Cold Blooded'
9. 'Metalizer'
10. 'Crossfire'
11. 'Secrets of the Dead'
12. 'Battle Cry'
13. 'Beginning of the End'

Bonus Tracks:

'Tears of Blood'
'Bring It On'
'Never Forget'

Listen to the New Judas Priest Song 'Redeemer of Souls'