Legendary Judas Priest guitarist Glenn Tipton has hit the double-sixes, the boxcars, the almost-number of the beast! What we mean is that today (Oct. 25) is Tipton's 66th birthday. To celebrate the iconic shredder, we've named 'The Ripper' our Video of the Day!

Judas Priest have been rocking the world since 1969. With 16 studio albums released, picking a track to spotlight can be a difficult task. However, not only is 'The Ripper' one of Priest's all-time greatest songs, it was written completely by Glenn Tipton. The 'Sad Wings of Destiny' standout is one of the cornerstones of Priest's live show as well, having been performed by the heavy metal legends for well over half of Tipton's life.

Shot in Memphis, Tenn., the video for 'The Ripper' is purely late '70s as Judas Priest, covered in leather and spikes, deliver an old-school arena rock performance. Add TONS of fog and TONS of lights … you've got a time machine straight back into the early years of not only Judas Priest, but of glam.

Tipton plays his parts beautifully, delivering the song's classic solos when not providing the foundation for vocalist Rob Halford to sing over. 'The Ripper' also displays the unique synchronicity between Tipton and longtime guitarist K.K. Downing.

Happy Birthday Glenn! Check out Judas Priest performing 'The Ripper' above.