We've got an incredible exclusive premiere to unleash upon your eyes and ears! Judas Priest are on the eve of releasing their new 'Epitaph' live DVD and Blu-ray. The concert film won't hit stores until May 28, but here's an essential piece of the concert to share with you right now!

A Priest show wouldn't be a Priest show without the classic anthem 'Turbo Lover.' Originally released on Judas Priest's 10th full-length album, 'Turbo,' the synth metal track has become one of Priest's most celebrated songs, which is why we're so excited to deliver the exclusive premiere of Judas Priest performing 'Turbo Lover' on the last night of their 2011 'Epitaph' world tour.

Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford sounds awesome in this live performance, marching around the stage as he belts out line after line of one of metal's greatest sex anthems. Guitarists Glenn Tipton and Ritchie Faulkner both show off their chops during the song as well, switching off solos during the track's bridge. Faulkner truly deserves some praise for his performance. The young shredder couldn't look more comfortable onstage, radiating purpose next to the metal gods of Judas Priest.

'Turbo Lover,' along with the entirety of the 'Epitaph' Blu-ray/DVD, showcases a an incredible production ins which Judas Priest bring fire, chains and an elaborate stage setup that can rival the live experience put on by any band.

Enough with the descriptions! Check out Judas Priest performing 'Turbo Lover' from the band's 'Epitaph' Blu-ray/DVD, which is available for pre-order on DVD or Blu-ray at Amazon.com. You can also enter our contest below to win a copy of both the DVD and the Blu-ray editions of 'Epitaph.'

Judas Priest, 'Turbo Lover' (Live) - Exclusive Premiere From 'Epitaph' DVD + Blu-Ray


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