Awesome news for Killing Joke fans. The original lineup of the band is set to release its next album '2012' on April 2. Formed in 1978, Killing Joke have inspired and influenced an incredible amount of bands such as Soundgarden, Foo Fighters and Nirvana.

"I can't see the point contemplating extreme life extinction — it's good for nothing. It's nihilism in the absolute even considering it," posted Killing Joke frontman Jaz Coleman on the band's official website. "It's in many different calendars — the great unveiling, the sky and the earth coming together. It's a significant date. In the autumn, there is a major planetary alignment, and on that day I'm doing this rock festival, A Party at the End of the Earth, which is going to be in New Zealand. Everything is speeding up. It's not just our minds shrinking. We are heading towards the Eschaton and no-one really knows what's going to happen."

Coleman offered in-depth and very tripped-out explanations of the tracks which will be found within '2012.' "This is what I'm touching on with the songs; 'Fema Camp' is about the concentration camps they have been building in America; 'Corporate Elect' needs no explanation; 'Rapture' is the way I perceive a Killing Joke concert – it's a spiritual experience for myself to get into that state of grace ... music is the theme of mantra. I'm not into organized religion at all, but I've always liked what [Afrobeat pioneer] Fela Kuti did in Nigeria, playing music like it was a temple. Maybe we will evolve into a time where we will be performing for ritualistic and spiritual reasons alone and not for monetary reasons?"

Coleman continued, "There's a song called 'On All Hallows Eve', which is about my belief in ancestor worship, backed up by quantum theories that there is no death. You only ever remember the timeline that you are alive in — you can't remember being dead because you never were. 'Colony Collapse' is about what's happening, what's going on out there. 'Poleshift' is the first track on the album and about the potential polar shift of the earth's magnetic field, its erratic behavior, and also the polar shift that will be needed."

Well, we're sold. Luckily for us all, we don't have to wait until April to check out some new Killing Joke. The band has released the track 'Rapture' for fans around the world to enjoy. Warning: this song is incredibly awesome. Check it out!

Listen to Killing Joke's 'Rapture'

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