Earlier this year, Killswitch Engage dropped Incarnate, one of the best albums of their career. It marked the second album from the influential metalcore group since the return of singer Jesse Leach, and the new concert film / CD Beyond the Flames: Home Video Part II aims to commemorate not only his return, but chronicle his first tenure with Killswitch as well.

Set for a Nov. 25 release, the two disc Blu-ray and CD set will arrive as a Black Friday Record Store Day exclusive. Contained within is over three and a half hours of footage, including a 75-minute documentary on Leach's return to the band in 2012 following the departure of Howard Jones. The release will also dial back the clock, peering into Leach's first run with the band and the moments that led to him to leave Killswitch in 2002. View the trailer below.

"We are pleased to show people the journey we have been on as a band," commented Leach. "From the first show to even the last one we played recently, I know I have much more to learn and to offer as a musician and a lyricist. I am proud of all we have done since my first day returning to this band. However, I am certain we have just started to gain momentum and find our groove together. We are honored to be in and are dedicated to this band and wherever the future takes us. I hope people can see us for who we really are. We are just five guys who love to make music and love our fans."

Also included is footage taken from 17 separate performances from around the world, one of them being Leach's first show back with the band as well as Download Festival, Knotfest, Loud Park Japan and more that the band promises will be a surprise. Music videos, band member profiles and outtakes will make up the bonus footage along with an audio CD of six previously unreleased tracks from the band 'Monster Mosh' gig in Worcester, Mass. Check out the track listing for this disc below.

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Killswitch Engage, Beyond the Flames: Home Video Part II Trailer

Killswitch Engage, Beyond the Flames: Home Video Part II Bonus CD Track Listing

1. "No End in Sight"
2. "Life to Lifeless"
3. "Always"
4. "In Due Time"
5. "My Curse"
6. "The End of Heartache"

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