Killswitch Engage frontman Jesse Leach has shown the ability to not be pigeonholed just in heavy music over the years, and his latest offering finds him dipping his toes in the electronic music world.

Leach has teamed up with this girlfriend, Philia Porphyra, on his first ever electronic track, a song called "Luminescent Dreams," which can be heard in the Instagram post below.

Leach states, "My first public attempt at electronic music. The song is in demo form but my beautiful and talented girlfriend is not! We did this song together called 'Luminescent Dreams.' She is a multitalented performer and artist as well as a brilliant poet and writer. Give her a follow @purplespolepoetry."

Porphyra added in a separate message to her fans, "Many of you have been asking me when you'd hear Jesse and I sing together well...I'm happy to announce that it has finally happened! Jesse and I have been talking about making dubstep/EDM/industrial music since we first met. It feels so good to finally say that we’ve created our first song together and paired it up with this dope dance video by @warren_archer filmed at @elementsfestival_."

She continued, "I did this performance with a separated shoulder. AC joint was totally messed up. If you look closely when I do the handstand on the pole, you can see how swollen it is on the left side. After this gig, I had to take it easy for several months before returning back to my usual crazy self. Looking back now, I don't know how I was able to pull all this off with such a bad injury, but I do remember how determined and passionate I am about what I do (under any circumstance). I wasn't going to give up."

Check out the full posting and song below.

Leach will be back on tour in his regular gig as Killswitch Engage's frontman this coming March. Get all the dates, venues and ticketing information for Killswitch Engage via their website.

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