Metal and wrestling have a long history together — one that goes far beyond sweaty dudes in Spandex pants jumping off things, whether they're stage monitors or ropes in the ring. Over the years, wrestlers have used various metal songs as their entrance themes and various organizations have also selected some heavy tracks as their theme song for certain events. Now, Killswitch Engage's Mike D'Antonio, an avid wrestling fan, has revealed the band has some special plans in the works regarding their involvement with the WWE and another undisclosed company.

“We’re not actually not even supposed to talk about it, but we have two wrestling theme songs in the works right now," the bassist said on Jon's Untitled Podcast "One [song] I believe is finished… The first one is done and then the second one we’re going to start recording in like two weeks," he continued.

Mike D. explained one will be used by the WWE and the other by a separate company. He noted that the song for the WWE was "really complicated" because the wrestling organization sent Killswitch a track to cover with the instructions to "cover this as best as possible or as close as possible" and the bassist lamented, "It’s not a good song."

The group "had a tough time" with the song and Mike D. admitted there was some backlash from other members who didn't want to take on the cover. "And I get it. I understand. If it’s a really crappy song, if we've got to put our name on it, we don’t want our fans thinking we wrote something terrible," he added. "So we got this song to where we’re comfortable and we’re going to start recording it soon.”

In the past, WWE's CM Punk had used Killswitch Engage's "This Fire Burns" off 2006's As Daylight Dies. There's more new music from the metalcore icons, who, over the summer, stated they'd start jamming new material in October, eyeing 2018 for the follow-up to last year's Incarnate. They'll also hit the road for round two of the 'Killthrax' co-headlining tour with New York thrash legends Anthrax starting in January and if you want to catch one of those shows, click here to see if the trek is stopping near you.

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