Welcome to Epic Rock Tales, where rock and metal’s most legendary stories come to life in exclusive animation! In this episode, KISS legend Ace Frehley recalls an unforgettable sexual encounter he had while spending the night in Mexico.

During his days in KISS, it wasn’t unusual for Ace to find himself all over the world in a single day. In this tale, Frehley remembers having breakfast in Canada, lunch in the U.S.A. and dinner in Mexico. As for dessert, it came in the form of a Latin beauty Ace met in a hotel south of the border.

Frehley remembers bringing her up to his hotel room seemingly minutes after meeting. As the two were getting down and dirty, the TV happened to be on, and you’ll never guess who popped up. Find out by checking out the animated edition of Ace Frehley telling this Epic Rock Tale in the video above!

Ace Frehley Plays Wikipedia Fact or Fiction

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