Fully baked sludge masters Kylesa are on the cusp of releasing a truly unique effort that will give fans an inside look into a side of the band they've yet to see.

On Nov. 20, Kylesa will be releasing 'From the Vaults, Vol. 1,' which will feature one brand new track among 11 unreleased songs and alternate versions of fan favorites.

Kylesa will unleash 'End Truth,' a 100 percent new song, which will be placed in the middle of eight 'previously unreleased / limited availability' tracks and three alternate versions of the established tracks, 'A 110 Degree Heat Index,' 'Between Silence and Sound' and 'Bottom Line.'

"I think that this release was long overdue for us and I'm so glad that it came together," says Kylesa vocalist and guitarist Laura Pleasants. "It's unique in that stylistically it runs the gamut of our personalities but it has the flow of an album. It's Kylesa in mix tape form."

Co-vocalist and guitarist Phillip Cope also offers his excitement about the experimental release: "This was a fun project to do, getting to go back to some old songs that were never released and have the chance to finish them with new insight was something we rarely have had the chance to do."

Check out the premiere of Kylesa's teaser trailer for 'From the Vaults, Vol. 1' exclusively here on Loudwire.

Kylesa, 'From the Vaults, Vol. 1' Trailer
Kylesa, 'From the Vaults Vol. 1' Track Listing:

1. Intro **
2. Inverse **
3. 111 Degree Heat Index ***
4. Between Silence and Sound II ***
5. Paranoid Tempo **
6. End Truth *
7. Bottom Line II ***
8. Wavering **
9. Bass Salts **
10. Drained **
11. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun **
12. Drum Jam **

* New
** Previously unreleased/limited availability
*** Alternate Version