California rock trio Kyng have been heating things up with their debut album ‘Trampled Sun,’ and their latest single ‘Bleed Easy’ is a perfect reflection of the band’s musicianship on the disc as a whole.

Frontman Eddie Veliz sounds like a less raspy Chris Cornell as he begins the song by crooning the lyrics, “I’m so sick of your disease / Like the animal that’s chained / Now my brother’s been misplaced / All his words have been erased.”

Complete with crunchy guitar riffs and Pepe Clarke’s thunderous drum patterns, at full blast ‘Bleed Easy’ might have your eardrums bleeding easily.

With a memorable chorus, Veliz mixes aggression with melody as he sings, “Let him bleed easy / Stumbling backwards / Couldn’t hold on to / The rest of your life.”

After a serious face melting groovy guitar solo, the highly infectious bass line by Tony Castaneda overtakes the song a little after the two minute mark as Veliz sensually sings, “It ain’t me / It ain’t me no / It ain’t me / Bleeding easy”

Veliz’s vocal layers reach new heights towards as all chaos is unleashed by Clarke and Castaneda. All told, 'Bleed Easy’ provides further proof that Kyng's 'Trampled Sun' was one of 2011's finest rock releases.

Look out for Kyng on tour with Seether and Sick Puppies this fall. See the dates here.

3.5 Stars
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