After yesterday's news that bassist Nick Oliveri has rejoined Kyuss Lives!, today comes word that the group has a new name: .

Vista Chino consist of former Kyuss members Brant Bjork (drums), John Garcia (vocals) and Oliveri, along with Bruno Fevery (guitar).

It's not difficult to figure out why the band changed their name. There has been an ongoing legal battle over the Kyuss name, with fellow original members Josh Homme and Scott Reeder challenging the use of the name Kyuss Lives! A judge recently ruled that they could not use the name Kyuss Lives! in conjunction with a studio album, live album or other audio recording. Since the group is working on new material with plans for a 2013 album, the name change was necessary.

In addition, the judge ruled “future concerts under the Kyuss Lives Mark might continue to subject them to liability for trademark infringement” and suggesting, “It may be in Defendants’ best interest to begin re-branding under a new name.”

They took that advice, although they will make a final live appearance as Kyuss Lives! at Australia's Soundwave Festival in early 2013. The band will play classic Kyuss songs along with some new Vista Chino material.

Meanwhile, the relationship between Olivieri and Homme seems to be on the mend, as Olivieri is set to contribute vocals to the new album from the Homme-fronted Queens of the Stone Age. Click below to find out more on that collaboration: