Former Queens of the Stone Age bassist Nick Oliveri will temporarily rejoin the band for a handful of songs during the group's Halloween bash in Los Angeles next month. Oliveri was recently chosen as one of the openers for the event, but has been asked by his old bandmate Josh Homme to rejoin QOTSA onstage as well.

Oliveri tells NME, "Josh asked me to come up and do six songs with Queens, like an encore set. A reunion, but not a reunion. I'm going to get up and play some bass and sing some songs at the end of the show. It should be an interesting night."

The bassist has a long history with Homme as they both played together in Kyuss and continued their musical pursuits in Queens of the Stone Age until 2004, when Oliveri was let go by the group. In the years since, the bassist and Queens leader Josh Homme have mended their relationship with Oliveri making a few appearances with the group, including a guest turn on the '… Like Clockwork' album and a guest spot onstage earlier this year.

When asked if the show was a precursor to his return to the band, Oliveri responded, "That's pretty much up to Josh. It's his band, and when he pulls the trigger on something, it's up to him." The bassist revealed that he's offered to return several times over the years, but it wasn't until he quit asking Homme about it that he actually got an invite to play with the band onstage. He now says, "It's pretty much just when he wants to do something these days. It's not up to me is what I'm saying."

Oliveri, who is promoting his solo album 'Leave Me Alone,' will open the Oct. 31 show at The Forum in Los Angeles before taking the stage with Queens of the Stone Age later in the evening.

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