There is never a dull moment when it comes to former Queens of the Stone Age bassist Nick Oliveri. The musician has not only rejoined Kyuss Lives!, but he also has contributed vocals to the upcoming QOTSA album.

It was previously announced that Dave Grohl would play drums on the new QOTSA disc, while Trent Reznor would be contributing to a track, as well. Now, Oliveri is returning to the fold, even if in a limited capacity.

A post was issued on the Mondo Generator Facebook page. Oliveri is the frontman and bassist of that band. The update read as follows:

NEWS: Nick has re-joined Kyuss, and has recently recorded his vocals on a new Queens of the Stone Age song! Stay tuned.

Oliveri split with QOTSA in 2004, and not exactly in amicable fashion. Earlier this year, QOTSA frontman Josh Homme appeared on a Mondo Generator track, so it seems as if fences have been mended between the two, to some extent.

Oliveri also left Kyuss Lives! to avoid the ugly court battle over the name, which was taking place between the current and former members of Kyuss.

Maybe all the legal hatchets in the incestuous ranks of QOTSA and Kyuss are being buried?

Oliveri was also in the news recently when he engaged in a standoff with cops after a domestic disturbance. He took a plea deal and avoided jail time.