There's many things that unite the metal community and tragedy is one of them. The underground has always been quick to come to the aid of fellow musicians, this time with members of Lamb of God, Danzig, Type O Negative, Goatwhore and more coming together to assist Bat and ex-D.R.I. drummer Felix Griffin, who lost everything in a devastating house fire that reduced almost the entire home to charred floorboards.

A silent auction will be held with the opportunity to purchase rare collectibles donated by the aforementioned band members along with members of Exhorder, Big Boys, Junkyard, Throwrag, F--kemos and The Chumps, all benefitting Griffin as part of the 'Restoring Life' event, organized by GWAR-B-Q event manager Tammy Moore.

Performing will be Cheetah Chrome and Johnny Blitz of '70s punks the Dead Boys as well as Ignitor, Zero Percent, Omegawolf, Gashgasm and death-thrashers Bat at Grizzly Hall in Austin, Texas on March 10. Bat also features guitarists Ryan Waste and Nick Poulos of Municipal Waste.

A GoFundMe page has been established to help raise further funds for Griffin, who did not have homeowner's insurance when the fire destroyed his house on Jan. 20. Members of the metal community had already been extra supportive of Griffin, who is still dealing with the painful loss of his daughter Jordan, who was killed in a car accident in April of 2016.

NOFX skinsman Erik Sandin has already helped Griffin replace his drum kit, gifting one of his own to the drummer in need.

Bat released their debut album last year, Wings of Chains, through Hells Headbangers. Read more about the album here.

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