No matter how popular or legendary a band can grow to become, it isn't possible to completely understand the unique and possessive power of a group such as Lamb of God until you see them in their element. Last night (Jan 24) on an uncharacteristically warm night in New York City, the pure American metal giants created that understanding within the sold-out Irving Plaza.

On the same night that Lamb of God delivered their new album 'Resolution' to the universe, the band played a concoction of songs from throughout their 18-year career to one of the most insane crowds we've ever seen. From the second LoG kicked into their new track 'Desolation,' the pit broke out into complete mayhem. Normally at shows you'll see a plethora of men and women scattered throughout the venue, but last night, the huge, sweaty metal dudes took over the ENTIRE floor with circle pits and wall-to-wall moshing.

Within the sold-out crowd of 1,200, there were maybe half-a-dozen female fans taking their hits in the heart of the pit. Among those women was our very own writer / photographer Liz, who braved through the brutality with an elbow to the mouth, kick in the head and a sweaty shirt to the face as proof. (See her photos of LoG below.)

Vocalist Randy Blythe owned the stage throughout the show -- unleashing his sick, contorted gutturals like serpentine constriction tightening around your very being. Blythe took various opportunities to thank the crowd for coming out, sharing details about their last New York show -- opening for Metallica at Madison Square Garden. Although thankful for the experience, Blythe claimed the smaller venue was "where we belong."

As the band blasted through fan favorites such as 'Now You've Got Something to Die For' and 'Black Label,' the rarest of all concert occurrences was spotted near the front of the stage. One of the security guards at the show was, brace yourself, enjoying the show. Yes, you read that correctly -- one of the huge, intimidating security guards was not only digging the music, but facing the band, banging his head and singing along with EVERY WORD to EVERY SONG. Unbelievable!

With that image in mind and the mass of amped-up metalheads claiming the Irving Plaza floor as their own, the true power that Lamb of God possess could not be put into perceptive in a more perfect way.

Check Out Our Exclusive Photos From Lamb of God’s New York City Concert
Lamb of God Setlist:

Ghost Walking
Walk With Me in Hell
Set to Fail
Now You've Got Something to Die For
The Undertow
The Number Six
Laid to Rest

In Your Words
Black Label

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