Ever wonder why bands always say they're most excited to play their newest songs, even if fans don't always respond with the same enthusiasm? After pouring through the Most Performed Songs by 50 of Metal's Biggest Acts, it's not tough to see why.

Just imagine playing the same handful of songs over 1,000 times, which is the case for so many of these acts (Iron Maiden are the only band here to cross the 2,000 plays threshold because they never stop touring — ever). Still, the amount of overwhelming joy these iconic hits bring fans each night on tour is what gives bands purpose — after all, feeding on the powder keg energy of a live crowd is what keeps these artists on the road for decades on end. It's a fix you can't get anywhere else, no matter how many times you've played the same damn song.

With setlist.fm as our trusty guide, we've not only outlined the most performed song from 50 metal bands, but the two runners-up as well. And because nostalgia is that sweet high nobody can kick, we threw in some vintage shots of each group too for a nice double-whammy alongside some live photos that have us yearning for the return of in-person concerts.

To see the rock version of this list head here.

The Most Performed Songs by 50 of Metal's Biggest Acts

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