Fans have shared their reactions online to the new Slipknot drummer and their mask, which made their debut last night (April 25) during the band's first show of 2024.

The Slipknot show took place at Pappy + Harriet's in Pioneertown, Calif. near Joshua Tree National Park. Initially, the group's first performance of 2024 was to be at Las Vegas' Sick New World festival this Saturday (April 27), but earlier this week, they announced the intimate concert on the website

When Slipknot took the stage, they were dressed in their classic red jumpsuits, and many of the members donned the masks they wore during their 1999 self-titled album cycle.

"This year is 19-fucking-99 right here," frontman Corey Taylor said to the crowd in fan-filmed footage.

Many Speculate That Eloy Casagrande Is Slipknot's New Drummer

It was also the first time fans saw the band play with their new drummer, who replaced Jay Weinberg after they split with him in November. Many have speculated that the drummer is Eloy Casagrande, who left Sepultura in February, especially after seeing footage from last night and pointing out that the drummer's tattoos look similar to Casagrande's.

"If Slipknot wanted to be mysterious about Eloy, they forgot to cover the tattoo on his left arm," one person wrote on X [translated by Google].

Earlier this week, a Slipknot fan on Reddit uncovered Eloy's first name amongst the other band members' names hidden in the website, along with another unknown individual named Jeff. It seems that this revelation combined with the tattoo confirms that Casagrande is the new Slipknot drummer.

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Fans React to New Slipknot Drummer + Mask on Reddit

Here are some thoughts from fans on the Slipknot Reddit page.

  • That guy is fucking crankin'... His drum fills on some of those songs sound like they're done by a godperson. This is nuts. [See thread]
  • He covered Heretic Anthem 3 years ago and I remember thinking about how he played the song twice as hard as the band at the time did. I think hes gonna bring some serious attack to some of the classics
  • Can’t wait to hear what this dude will add to slipknot. Jay was very good, very clean and polished, technically sound. Hoping Eloy adds more “personality” maybe even some sloppiness or less perfect sound. Hard to explain … less polish I guess. Crappy mask but i think new members are forced into that lol. He also may wanna up his beard game, He does have to compete with Jim lol. [See thread]

Fans React to New Slipknot Drummer + Mask on X (Formerly Twitter)

Fans have shared their thoughts about the drummer's performance and mask on X as well, which you can see below.

"Eloy Casagrande as Slipknot's new drummer was such a phenomenal idea," one fan wrote on X.

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