You have to love it when you see the experience of the mosh pit being passed down to kids of a younger generation. It's all the more special when the more experienced moshers look out for the youngsters. In this Loud List compilation, we showcase some of the wonderful communal and generational spirit of moshing with some touching moments for those who enjoy bumping into others at shows.

You have to give it up for the kid in our featured image, who is proudly displaying the devil horns, flashing his tongue and generally having the time of his life in the midst of a Killswitch Engage moshpit. In fact, Killswitch pits have given several kids in the video compilation a memory they won't soon forget.

Slipknot are another favorite when it comes to gets getting their first mosh, especially when the furious pit unites around them as happened to one youngster sitting above the swirling pit of moshers at a Minneapolis performance.

And late in this video compilation, we give you several clips of the adults stepping aside to let the younger ones enjoy their first full-on kid pits at concerts.

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Rock on you future moshers. You've now got the basics, been shown the ropes of how the mosh pit works. But once you grow a little more, just beware that things might get a little more physical.

Watch below as we show you these special moments when kids tear up the mosh pits.

When Kids Tear Up the Mosh Pit

The Weirdest Things People Have Done in a Mosh Pit

Everyone has an odd story from their time served as a pit veteran or warrior, whether it’s actual sex acts happening in the mosh pit, or someone riding in on their motorcycle, we’re sure some of these stories we’re about to share are just half of the crazy stuff that’s been seen down in the depths of the pit.

Gallery Credit: Yasmine Summan

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