How would you describe a mosh pit to the uninitiated? That was a question posed within the /r/Metalcore thread on Reddit, and the answers provided were a mix of surprisingly insightful and humorous as well.

How Would You Explain a Mosh Pit?

The author of the thread explained that while they have been going to metalcore shows since they were 16, they recently were trying to initiate some co-workers into their world by sharing what the concerts were like. Naturally, the idea of a mosh pit was introduced.

"How do you explain it to people who have never been before? I always get a lot of 'I would be fighting if someone hit me,' but like a mosh pit in my opinion isn't meant to be an expression of anger. It's just people dancing and having a good time. And if you happen to bump into each other, be carefree about it," suggested the person at the top of the thread.

They added, "I feel like seeing it live Is one of the best ways to experience it. But they always express fear when I show them my videos and they see the pit. Just curious how you guys describe pits to your non metalcore friends."

What Did Redditors Have to Say?

There was a mix of responses, both serious, humorous and even a little scientific.

Among those taking the question seriously, one person simply offered, "It's basically just an aggressive form of dancing." Another called it "organized chaos," and yet another explained, "It's like when you would wrestle as kids, but in a big group with someone screaming at you from the stage."

Others offered a few more insightful comments:

Just tell them when the beat drops they’ll basically feel a rush of energy and anything goes without intentionally hurting anyone lol but at their own risk

haphazard dancing where you forget yourself and happen to bump into people also agreeable to this. it's in a circle so participation is voluntary. if anyone falls, pick em up. mind your head.

You know how some people (mostly men) joke about dying a great death in battle? It kind of fills that void with much less of a chance of dying. Being in a mosh pit is being purely in the moment. You have no idea what’s about to happen next. Nothing else matters in those moments. It’a human energy at its purest. Kind of like Dom said in Fast & Furious. “I live my life a quarter mile at a time. Nothing else matters: not the mortgage, not the store, not my team and all their bullshit. For those ten seconds or less, I'm free.”
Just replace the drag strip with a mosh pit.

Fake fighting for a group of rowdy friends. Like how me and my buds used to practice wwe moves on each other

In the past, when I've been asked why I "like getting punched and pushed around," I've said moshing is a cathartic release of energy and aggression in a safe, controlled environment of like-minded individuals. Obviously, this isn't always true. But I think it got to the heart of why I and others enjoy it.

One of the more interesting comments on the thread offered a more scientific comparison.

Have you ever boiled water in a saucepan?
You add energy and the molecules start jumping around, often causing several collisions.

And yes, there were those who had fun with the idea of trying to explain a mosh pit to the uninitiated. One person called it, "Sweaty nerds running into each other." Another added, "[It's] bumper cars without the cars." Check out a few more entries below:

Music go Jun Jun, singy man go arf arf, feet go stomp stomp, brain go brrrrr

Mosh pits are easy to explain, the music goes heavy and everyone spins in a circle to hopefully open up the portal that will allow the devil to rise up through the concert himself and channel his energy into the band.

We act like cavemen or idiots for no reason.
I say that as someone who just cripwalked to Thrown playing their phonk song.

What Is the Official Definition of a Mosh Pit?

While input is always great, you can also go to the dictionary to get a more refined description. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a mosh pit as "an area in front of a stage where very physical and rough dancing takes place at a rock concert."

The dictionary also claims that the first known usage of the term "mosh pit" came in 1988.

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Between the dictionary and the metalcore fan suggestions on Reddit, the author should hopefully be well on their way to convincing their friends to join in the fun. Check out the full thread below.

How do you explain mosh pits ?
byu/softyheadjon901 inMetalcore

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