Here are the things we learned about Slipknot from Shawn "Clown" Crahan's Q+A on Reddit a few days ago.

Clown made an appearance on the Slipknot Reddit page for an "Ask Me Anything" session last week, and he answered a bunch of questions — many in great detail. We compiled a list of everything we learned so that you don't have to scroll through all of the unanswered questions on the thread.

He responded to burning questions about the band's new song "Long May You Die," the long-awaited album Look Outside Your Window, which masks are his favorite, whether they would have re-hired Joey Jordison after they split with Jay Weinberg if he was still alive, which songs have changed meaning over time and many others that you may have been wondering about.

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Then, there were some more light-hearted ones about Clown's own personal preferences, such as his favorite ice cream flavor, slasher films and sandwiches. We included it all, so keep scrolling to see what we learned.

The sandwich answer was actually a bit surprising, and made us hungry.

The questions are separated by photos, and his responses are noted in quotation marks underneath.

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